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Different Types Of Turtles

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Turtles can be classified in different ways, depending upon either their habitat or eating habits. In terms of habitat, there are two types of turtles that are found on this planet. These are fresh water turtles, which are found mostly in rivers and ponds, and the salt water turtles, which dwell in oceans and seas.More...


How To Make A Turtle Platform ?

How To Make A Turtle Platform

For those who wish to keep turtles as pets, it is important to have a turtle platform constructed for them. A turtle platform is to a turtle what a dog house is to a dog. And, like a dog house, one has to be careful while constructing a turtle platform for his or her pet turtle. One must take the size of the turtle into consideration while constructing the platform so that it does not crumble under the weight of the reptile in case it is too big or heavy.More...


What Do Sea Turtles Eat ?

What Do Sea Turtles Eat

Sea turtles form an important part of the oceanic ecosystem. They are an invaluable part of ocean life, and are considered very useful in helping to maintain the food cycle in the seas and oceans. And, although the eating habit of the turtles vary from one species to the other, they are nevertheless important.More...


What Eats Turtles ?

What Eats Turtles

Although turtles form an important part of marine food chain, they are not at the top of it. While a sturdy and agile looking turtle might not have many enemies, it nevertheless has several natural predators. An adult turtle is protected by a protective hard covering around its body, but a newly hatched one is quite vulnerable to predators.More...


What Kind Of Turtle Do I Have ?

What Kind Of Turtle Do I Have

Having a turtle as a pet is not bad if one is able to take good care of it. There are over 300 species of turtles ranging from smaller lighter ones to larger heavier ones. However, the type of turtle that one should choose to keep as a pet depends upon the size as well as the amount of care that is needed.More...



What-Does-A-Turtle-Represent      Historically, a turtle has found symbolic representation across cultures. Among ancient Chinese traditions, a turtle was seen as a creature with supportive role. It was thought to support the world on its back with its four feet being the four corners of the ancient world map. More..

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