Types of lizards - What species is the geico lizard ?




Types Of Lizards

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Reptiles are the cold blooded vertebrates covered in scales or scutes. Reptiles are breath through lungs which are protected by a breastbone called sternum. The common reptiles are snakes, turtles, tortoises, lizards and crocodiles.More...

Lizard Adaptations

Lizard Adaptations

Lizards, regardless of family, are unique in which they all share one specific manipulative adaptation (and an array of connected environmental and biological ones) observed in no other surviving lizards. All lizards have a significantly protruded and bisected colon. The Iguanine colic variation is the relevant proportional relationship among numerous valves and structured body size for internal correlations.More...


Caring For A Lizard

Caring For A Lizard

A lizard must be carefully placed at a safe location, where it can freely move its body. It should never be manhandled by catching hold of its head or tail as these body parts are fragile. To be on a positive note, maximum number of lizards is harmless, and even if they bite, the effects are negligible and can be overlooked.More...


How To Find Lizard Supplies ?

How To Find Lizard Supplies

The pastime of domesticating lizards as pets is a phenomenal aspect in recent past. It is rare to observe chameleons, geckos and iguanas as household pets rather than, or as well as, the more traditional dog or cat. However, before adopting a lizard as a pet, it is a good idea to research just how much care and special accommodations these reptiles require.More...


Lizard Skeletal System

Lizard Skeletal System

The normal skeletal systems of a lizard consist of a fossilized skull. The ribs of a lizard are connected ventrally to a cartilaginous sternum, which is never found in other reptiles such as the snake. The teeth of a lizard are either acrodont or pleurodont. These teeth are irreplaceable.More...


What Do Horned Lizards Eat ?

What Do Horned Lizards Eat

Lizards are widespread group of reptiles with four sprawling limbs, a long tail and dry scaly skin. They are cold blooded, and usually found in hot dry regions. Normally lizards are small in size with a rounded skull, small neck, short sprawling legs and a long tail. Some groups of lizards have spines on its back and sharp prickly scales. They are known as horned lizards or horny toads.More...


What Is In A Lizards Diet ?

What Is In A Lizards Diet

Lizards are usually insectivores with approximately the larger sort being partially or totally vegetarians. The digestive systems of the lizards are adapted to eat the whole animals for a complete diet. A lizard drinks a bowl of fresh water daily. In dry arid regions, most of the lizards lick up some dew drop like the water which drips from the plant leaves early in the morning or late at night.More...


What To Feed A Lizard ?

What To Feed A Lizard

Feeding the lizard can be very critical because different breed has their own food habits and timing. Some of the lizards, it is very important to feed them early in the morning because, as they are cold-blooded creatures, they have to regularly warm their bodies according to the prevailing right temperature to help in proper digestion. Feeding the lizard early in the morning gives them the natural chance to bask in the sun all day in order to achieve its proper temperature.More...



What-Species-Is-The-Geico-Lizard      The Geico gecko belongs to the tropical climate. They are also found in the warm climates in the rest of the world. Geckos are mostly adaptable lizards which have conquered a variety of given habitats, ranging from tropical beaches to frigid mountain slopes to lush rainforest and parched deserts. There are approximately 2,000 species living world wide on every continent except Antarctica. Geico lizard is mostly found in the islands. More..

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