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Why Do Cats Cough Up Hairballs ?:

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      It is normal for most cats to cough up a hairball now and then. Naturally, cat grooms by licking its fur.

Why Do Cats Cough Up Hairballs            In the grooming process, cat will ingest loose hair into the digestive system. Normally, this is not a problem, because cat is carnivorous. Its digestive system is designed to handle fur.

            Hair is made up of keratin which is a protein that is difficult to digest. That’s why loose hair can lump together in cat’s digestive system. When there is too much hair inside the cat’s digestive system, it will irritate the stomach lining. The cat will then cough the hairball. More....


What Table Food Can Cats Eat ?

What Table Food Can Cats Eat

It has been proven that many human foods could be toxic to a cat’s health, even in small amounts. It could lead to vomiting and tummy aches for the cats. Also, more importantly when cats are encouraged to eat human food, they will in the due course lose the taste for their own food.More...



How Fast Can A House Cat Run ?

How Fast Can A House Cat Run

Cats are admirable pets, and almost everyone admires a cat’s walk that is super agile, and filled with grace and speed. Cats are not as fast as their larger counterparts like lions and cheetahs when it comes to running around or while chasing or playing. Probably one reason for this is that domestic or house cats do not have the need to chase down preys to eat. And, evolutionary reasons have impacted to a large extent the proportion of musculature of the hind legs that the large cats have.More...

Smells That Cats Hate

Smells That Cats Hate

Just like humans, cats too have their list of likes and dislikes! And, these are heavily dependent on their sense of smell. A cat’s sense of smell is amazing, and it adopts this powerful tool to do many more things.More...


When To Put Cat Down ?

When To Put Cat Down

According to statistics available in 2005, around 10 million cats and dogs were put to death. The reasons why pet owners want to put their pets down vary, but there seems to be two obvious reasons. One, when the pets become terminally or chronically ill; and second is when they become too old and sick for the owners to handle.More...


World Record Largest Cat

World Record Largest Cat

Several records have been removed for ethical reasons from the Guinness Book of World Records and ‘the largest cat’ is one such record to have been removed. When a category called ‘heaviest cat’ was published, there were reports of overfeeding of cats by cat owners which finally led to the withdrawal of this category. The Guinness does not allow heaviest or fattest cat to be featured on its prestigious records list.More...



Cats Pregnancy Signs Cats Pregnancy Signs
    Death of cats is usually associated with aging and illness. Cats that are older than 10 years old are more vulnerable to sickness. Naturally, cats will try to hide their sickness. They may be very sick but look perfectly healthy. Because of this nature, cat dying symptoms often appear at the last minute. When death is near, your cats may have this following signs. More...

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