Understanding hard money loans for home purchase - How to find hard loan money ?




Understanding Hard Money Loans For Home Purchase

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         A hard money loan is sometimes the only option an individual with bad credit has for home purchase. Hard money lenders are a brave lot. Commercial banks shy away from sub-prime mortgages. But even sub-prime lenders shy away from people that need hard money loans. Hard money lenders are disillusioned about their borrowers' histories and assets. However, it is almost impossible to gain a hard money loan unless you own at least 30 to 40 percent equity in your house.More...

How To Find Hard Loan Money ?

How To Find Hard Loan Money        If you have a bad credit history, you do not need to despair. Buying your dream house is not impossible. Hard money loans are intended for individuals who are haunted by the ghosts of foreclosure and default on monthly payments.Most commercial banks do not offer hard money loans to borrowers. Instead a hard money loan can offer you the space to make the repayment of an ordinary mortgage viable.

          If you are in between jobs, or have a temporary need for finances, you can avoid the foreclosure of your mortgage by taking a hard money loan. Thus, a hard money loan is basically a temporary loan to help individuals out of financial distress.More...


What Is Hard Money Loan ?

What Is Hard Money Loan         A hard money loan is a loan offered with a piece of real estate as security. Hard money loans are aimed at borrowers who cannot find financing from any other direction. People, who have nowhere else to turn, invariably turn to hard money lenders to get themselves out of a financial crisis.Hard money loans are not meant to be long term loans.

         They are, in a nutshell, quick-fix loans that serve the need of the hour. While commercial banks or mortgage companies would never invest in unsure properties or borrowers with bad histories, hard money lenders take on all these anomalies and more.More...



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How-To-Get-A-Hard-Money-Loan      A hard money loan is a loan that is normally lent against a piece of real estate. Individuals who need money to bail them out of a bad financial situation approach hard money lenders. However, despite how helpful they can be, these loans have their downside. They almost always have double-digit interest rates that are dependent on, not the prime rates, but the real estate rates of the period. More..

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