Interest rate for fha home loans - House requirements for fha loans




Interest Rate For Fha Home Loans

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          The rates for FHA loans are lower compared to traditional loans. Also, the terms are slightly different. FHA home loans offer more flexible options in terms of selection of the best suited rate for the buyer and his income. Of the many programs that come under the FHA loan schemes, the most popular is Section 203 (b), for its flexibility in the interest rates. Interest rates in case of FHA loans vary within a 0.125 percent range of conventional loans.More...


House Requirements For Fha Loans

House Requirements For Fha Loans         The first criterion for a home to qualify for FHA loan is that it must be four or less than four units. An FHA appointer appraiser is required to inspect the property for potential safety and health threats to the buyer. He must also make a note of all the defects and damages in the home. The appraiser’s approval and also a sound condition report are necessary, failing which the loan cannot be sanctioned.More...


How To Apply For A Fha Loan ?

How To Apply For A Fha Loan         The FHA or Federal Housing Authority is the world's largest mortgage lender. The FHA provides easy and affordable finance to prospective homeowners who are planning to take loans to buy homes. The mortgages offered by the FHA are much sought after by the middle income families for whom the attractive terms and conditions that the FHA offers are beneficial.More...


How To Get A Fha Home Loan For Single Mothers ?

How To Get A Fha Home Loan For Single Mothers        Using the FHA home loan program, even a single mom in the lower income strata, can purchase a home at reduced down payment; without her marital status being of any hindrance. With a few basic steps, it is simple to acquire a FHA loan. If you are a single mother, then firstly, you must start saving up for the down payment on the dream home. Usually 3.5 percent down payment along with the closing costs is required for acquiring a FHA loan.More...


What Is A Fha Loan ?

What Is A Fha Loan       The FHA or Federal Housing Administration loans are issued for the benefit of low income borrowers in order to encourage home ownership among this category. The FHA loans are insured against default, which means that the lender need not worry in case the borrower defaults as the FHA would stand guarantee and repay the loan amount. It is for this reason that FHA loans are popular among lenders and borrowers alike.More...



Home Loans :

What-Qualifies-A-Home-For-An-Fha-Loan      Approval from a professional property appraiser, appointed by the FHA, is the foremost requirement for a prospective home to qualify for FHA loans. The appraiser’s duty is to ensure that the house does not have any safety or health issues for the potential buyer. He also has to deduce an estimated value of the home based on a number of factors to confirm that the buyer does not get a raw deal. More..

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